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This page is detacated to Betty's hit roll as Rose Nylund in 'The Golden Girls'.

In 1985 Betty White was sent the script of 'The Golden Girls' and she was to play Blanche Devereaux, the sexy southern bell. But Rue McClanahan who was orginally set to be Rose Nylund, was afrade she didnt know how to play Rose. So, the creator, Susan Harris, switched Betty's charater with Rue and left Betty with the roll of Rose Lindstrom Nylund the dimwitted farm girl from St.Olaf Minnisota.

Little did Betty know, in 1985, that this show would take her to the top! Perhaps 'The Golden Girls' was Betty's best television show in her career.

For seven years (1985-1992) Betty White kept the roll of Rose Nylund. She kept the country laughing on Saturday nights by telling one of her 'St.Olaf' stories, or just playing the scandinavian nitwit.

In 1992 Beatrice Arthur (Who played Dorothy Zbornak on 'The Golden Girls') decided to leave the show after 7 great years of fun,laughter,and let's not forget cheesecake!Leaving Betty,Rue,and Estelle behind, they started a spin-off to the show, called 'Golden Palace'. Betty still maintained the roll of Rose Nylund, but that show didnt last. 'Golden Palace' was cancelled after one season.

**Click below to listen to the quote from the episode 'Home Again Rose' and the girls are at South Miami's 50th Reunion. The Quote: Guy From The Reunion- You're Kim Fung Toi? You sure have changed! Kim Fung Toi (Rose): Different on outside, Same on inside!

Click here to listen to the 'Same on inside...' quote.



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