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Print this application out, and send it along with $15.00 to the club's president at the address below!!!


Dear Friend,
As an admirer of Betty White, wouldn't you like to find out more
about her activities and past career? Let us take the opportunity to introduce Bets' Pets, the only official fan club authorized by Betty. We feel our group goes beyond the usual idea of a fan club. We welcome all ages,
although most of our members are adults, our common interest being Betty and her activities, particularly her work with and for animals. She takes a personal interest in the club and all the members.

We began in July 1971 when Betty's "Pet Set" show was seen throughout the country. Since then Betty has continued to work for animals.She has been on the board of the Los Angeles Zoo and has worked for the American Humane Association, the Los Angeles SPCA and is President Emeritus of the Morris Animal Foundation, having served as President and Canine Vice President.

Everybody is familiar with Betty's role as the Happy Homemaker on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and as Rose on "The Golden Girls." She is also a popular guest on many types of shows and is the author of four books. She has
won six Emmys and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. Currently she is starring in the CBS show, "Ladies Man."

Because of her interest in animals Betty has asked that the club be animal-oriented. Our journals feature an animal section and many of our charity projects help various animal organizations.

Upon joining members receive a membership card, a club button, and a personally autographed 8x10 photo of Betty. We publish two journals a year which are filled with photos, articles and news about Betty and her activities, as well as news about the members, their pets, and various club doings. Newsletters are issued between journals to keep members up to date on Betty. Members can participate in charity projects, contests and find pen pals if they wish.

Why not get in on the fun and join a club for a fine person. We would love to have you!

Sincerely Yours,
Kay Daly




ADDRESS______________________________________WANT PEN PALS?______


CLUB RECOMMENDED BY________________________Email_________________
Dues: $15.00 a year in U.S. $20.00 foreign. Members receive a membership
card, club button,personally autographed 8xl0 photo, two journals, newsletters, and all club privledges.
Send dues to Club President:Kay Daly - 3552 Federal Avenue -Los Angeles, CA. 90066