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Have a question about America's Sweetheart, Betty White? Check here before sending out an email!

This page is for questions that are often asked about this website. Please understand that running a website does take a lot of time, as well as being a teenager! If your question isn't answered here, please email me at
Is this the official Betty White website: No, this isn't the official Betty White website. You can check out Betty's Official Fan Club website at
I would like Betty to speak at an fundraiser for [insert reason here]. Can you please help me get intouch with her: Sorry, but I am in NO WAY affiliated with Betty White. I am a fan, just like you, who would like to show her love to this amazing actress. I can assure you, because of scheduling reasons, Betty probably won't be able to speak at your event. You can write to her at the address on the "Write Betty" page.
I heard that Bea Arthur and Betty White did not get along on the set of 'The Golden Girls'. Is this true: I really can't comment on that. I have heard or read several different things about this. I have decided that if there was 'bad blood' between Bea and Betty, it was kept behind closed doors, and isn't any of our business. I really dislike this question, and find it hard to believe there 'was' any dislike between the actresses.
How old is Betty White: 81! Betty White was born January 17th, 1922. She doesn't look a day over 50!
Are all of the autographs on the autographs page real? How did you get them: Yes, all of the autographs from Betty are real. I got most of the pictures from Betty by writing to her at her fan mail address, listed on the 'Write Betty' page.
Does Betty have any children: Betty does not have any children of her own. She has 3 step-children, from her marriage to Allen Ludden.
Can I use pictures of Betty off of your website for my own: I am thrilled you want to make your own website about Betty, but please understand that much time and dedication goes into this website. Each website needs to be original, with different pictures. I would appreciate it if you would not take anything off of this website. I work hard to keep all Betty fans happy!
How old are you: 15! That's right, I'm 15 years old and LOVE Betty White. Does that tickle your fancy?