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"Here We Go Again: My Life In Television","Betty White's Pet Love", "Betty White in Person", and "The Leading Lady". This is the page for Betty's Books!

Did you know that Betty is not only a actress, but she is a writer. She has written three books which I plan to read and give you my report of how I thought the book were, and what the books are about.

If you have read one or all of Betty's Books please email me your review by going to the 'Contact Me' page.

Unfortunately, All of Betty's books are out-of-print. The way I have found the books that I have read and own are below.

1) Go to Harvest Books (Link below) the out-of-print book finder, to find used copies of Betty's books. This company was recommended to me by Border's Books, after they failed to find Betty's books.

2) Go to your local library. I went to mine and found two of Betty's books. This is your best bet!

3) Go to Ebay and search under 'Betty White' and look for her books...Some people on Ebay sell their Betty books for like five dollars! Talk about cheap!

**Questions? Email below**

Harvest BookSearch

***UPDATE- Betty is working on her fifth book, that will be about the Los Angeles Zoo, which she is commissioner. A publication date has not been set, but when it is, It will be posted on this page***



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