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Now Presenting... The Happy Homemaker.
Sue-Ann Nivens!

In 1972, the cast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" were looking for another woman role. This role being of a woman named Sue-Ann Nivens. Sue-Ann being an self-absorbed, sex crazed, and man hungry charater. The casting directors were having such a problem trying to find an actress for this role, they *wished* for a "Betty White Type" -- being "Icky-Sweet, but Spicy". The directors wished for this, but just went on looking for an actress, rather than calling Betty. Mary overheard this conversation, and finally asked the directors, "Why don't you call THE Betty White?" The rest is history!
The season of 1973, Betty became Sue-Ann Nivens. She would remain in the role of Sue-Ann until the show's end in 1977. Sue-Ann hosted the "Happy Homemaker Show" at the WJM studios. On the show, Sue-Ann was this awesome host who had great cooking skills, radical cleaning tips, and a personality of a school councelor! Off the show, Sue-Ann was such a self-centered, two-faced, man-hungry woman.
Sue-Ann loved everyone in the WJM Newsroom, but she had her share of insluts for each of the workers. If it was taunting Mary about how she never had dates, or how "shiny" Murray's head was, she just knew what to say-- at the WRONG time. Sue-Ann has a very opiniated mouth. She likes to say what comes in her head without thinking about it. I'm sure most of us LOVED to HATE Sue-Ann Nivens.
We all remember Sue-Ann's love with Mr. Grant. She wanted him so bad. Just like Sue-Ann's bed, which had a built in vibrator and mirrors on top of the ceiling. How could we not laugh? Sue-Ann was totally sex-crazed and man-hungry. Sleeping with every man she could get her little paws on.
Wasn't Sue-Ann Nivens just the greatest? Wasn't she just like our friend Blanche Deveraux from 'The Golden Girls' that Betty played on 8 years later? When Betty was sent the script for 'The Golden Girls' she was casted for Blanche, but the casting directors thought it would be better if she would switch with Rue, who got the script of Rose. The decision came with thinking of Betty's previous role -- They wanted something different for Betty.
Below, enjoy the quotes from Sue-Ann. Please enjoy the screenshots of Sue-Ann from the last episode!
.:. A VERY special thanks to Kristen to donating these quotes! .:.
"The Last Show"
Murray:Being fired is like being violated!
Sue Ann:Leave it to Murray to find a bright spot in all this.

"Happy Birthday Lou"
Sue Ann:I have to go stuff a duck.
Mary:That's just what I was going to suggest you do.

"Mary Midwife"
Murray:A woman is giving birth to a baby in Mary's bedroom!
Sue Ann:I know! And it's probably the most exciting thing that'll ever happen in there!
"Chuckles Bites the Dust"
Sue Ann:When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes thrown on Robert Redford.

"Lou and That Woman"
(After Sue Ann insults the wallpaper in the mens' room.)
Mary:Did you crash the mens' room?
Sue Ann:Of course not! (Pause) I went as somebody's guest.

"A Girl Like Mary"
(Sue Ann enters Mary's apartment)
Sue Ann:I just love what you've done with your apartment, Mary!
Mary:But I haven't done anything.
Sue Ann:I know. That took guts!

"Edie Gets Married"
(Lou refuses to come out of his office because his ex-wife is about to get married again.)
Sue Ann:Poor Lou. He's like a little hurt child. He needs mothering. I wish I could just rush on in there and hug him all over!
Murray:That would take care of your problem, but what about his?

"Lou Douses an Old Flame"
Mary:Mr. Grant, could I see you in my bedroom for a moment?
(Lou follows Mary back to her bedroom.)
Sue Ann:If only I'd known it was that easy!

"Mary Richards Falls in Love"
Sue Ann(To Mary, upon entering her new apartment):I hope you'll forgive me for not buying you a housewarming gift. I'm just waiting to see what you need most desperately. You've certainly left me an open field!

Lou(Referring to Mary's new boyfriend, who is given to public displays of affection:)A guy doesn't have to be all hands.
Sue Ann:I know just what you mean, Lou. I couldn't agree less, but I know just what you mean.

"Not With My Wife, I Don't"
Sue Ann:Mary, dear, I need your help. I'm doing a show today on single girls. The topic is, "What Turns a Man On." Now, of course, I have lots of ideas, but I thought you might have a few that I could actually say on television.

"Murray Takes a Stand"
(Sue Ann invites Mary to her studio for leftovers from a show featuring cheese.)
Mary:I'm sorry, Sue Ann. It just doesn't doesn't seem right to gorge yourself on cheese when there are, you know, mice going to bed hungry.
Sue Ann:I've never taken no for an answer.
Mary:Or given it.

"Sue Ann Gets the Axe"
Sue Ann:Sue Ann Nivens doesn't give in without a fight!
Murray:That's not what the cabdrivers tell me.

"The Dinner Party"
(During a taping of The Happy Homemaker Sue Ann discovers that her souffle didn't come out right.)
Sue Ann:That just goes to show that anyone can make a mistake, even the Happy Homemaker. (Director yells, "Cut!") Ok, who the hell is responsible for this?!

"The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home"
(Sue Ann knocks on Mary's door late at night.)
Sue Ann:I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Mary:I was in bed.
Sue Ann:Oh, good. Then you're alone!

"A Reliable Source"
Sue Ann:Lou called me last night. I think he may have been drinking.
Mary:What makes you say that?
Murray:He called her, didn't he?

"Not a Christmas Story"
Sue Ann:Snow always inspires such awe in me. Consider one tiny snowflake, so delicate, so fragile. And yet, let a billion or so come together through the majestic force of nature, and they can really screw up an entire city!