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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!!! Here's the latest news on Betty White!

-In May Betty taped a special Lifetime Show called "TV'S GREATEST SIDEKICKS."   It will air on Aug. 30 on the Lifetime network.  Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams were co-hosts.  They had discussion segments with Betty, Valerie Harper and Georgia Engel about the Mary Tyler Moore Show and then with Betty, Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur about the Golden Girls.  This was a very interesting and enjoyable show. Be sure to watch it.

-The second movie Betty is starring in is titled "Annie's Point."  She has a large part playing the mother of a young man played by Richard Thomas.  She had location scenes for this one and worked several weeks.  It will be shown on the Hallmark Channel.  We will let you know when it will air.

-Betty has recently filmed two movies.  The first was an independent film called "The Third Wish"  starring Jenna Mattison.  Betty plays (Lettie) a lady in the bookstore.  This may be released in theaters.  We will have further information about the release date when it is available.

-Betty was on "My Wife and Kids" on May 5th. This may be repeated, so be sure to check your local listings!

-May 9th Betty was on 2 episodes of "Malcom in the Middle" on Fox. This may also be repeated, so be sure to check out local listings!

-Betty did an phone interview for "Pink Pages Magazine" for the Summer issue. It will appear in the section "What's Going on in Hollywood".

-The Betty White Rose is now available for the 2004 season and can be found at nurseries and garden centers in different parts of the country.

-Betty has also done a voice over for "Huggly Town", a children's show. No other info was given.

-The video and DVD of "Bringing Down The House" is out now. Be sure to pick it up and add it to your Betty White collection, today!

-A & E Cable Network Presents:
BETTY WHITE on "Biography" check your local listings for show times -- it may be re-running through the months ahead.
Highlights include hilarious clips from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls. Plus, archival clips from Betty's work in early TV. Intimate interviews include co-stars such as: Vicki Lawrence, Gavin MacLeod, Rue McClanahan, and Mary Tyler Moore.
-VH1 Goes Inside: TV Farewell episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show among others. No airdate given, but Betty was interviewed.
-Betty is still working on her 5th book, titled: The Zoo and I. This book's subject is about Betty's on-going dedication to the Los Angeles Zoo. For years, Betty has been on the zoo's board of directors. The Zoo and I  will have stories from Betty about the Zoo itself, and the people that work there. There is no publication date set.
-Betty has now been on all four episodes of "That 70's Show". The dates in which she appeared on the show were October 29th (2002), December 3rd (2002), January 29th(2003), and February 3rd (2003). If you didn't catch Betty on the show, be sure to check out the syndicated showings of "That 70's Show" on a local channel near you!
-Betty White was spotted on Ashton Kutcher's (Kelso on "That 70's Show) MTV Diary. This was aired a few months back, but be sure to check out MTV's scheduling to see if this will be repeated!