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America's Sweetheart, Betty White
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Some of Betty's dearest fans have written a little something about how they became a Betty White Fan, or something about Betty for the holiday season. Below, you can read their entries. If you're interested in writing a little something about Betty, please email me at

My name is Erica, I am 13 years old! I am a big fan of betty! I have been a fan for a while!!! I think she is the coolest! I think her character is so cool on The Golden Girls! I never miss an episode of The Golden Girls! I love the movie The Retrievers, that Betty is in! I am always watching it, even though she isn't in the whole thing I love the movie! --Erika, Dec. 2nd
How I became a Betty White fan was when I was sitting and watching this wonderful show, that I did not know was The Golden Girls and after I finished watching the show I went to my mom and asked her some stuff about the cast and she told me what she knew, and then I started spending time finding out stuff on them. And the more I learned about Betty the more I became a fan !!

The real thing that made me become a fan is, that she cares for animals the more I learn about what she does for animals, makes me want to be an even bigger fan. Also, Betty is a wonderful actress, and she has given me the joy of watching her everyday on The Golden Girls along with her Co-Stars.

One last thing is that she sent me, a few autographs and letters. She writes back to her fans. She really cares about her fans. I have had the chance to get 7 or 8 pictures, and 2 letters from her, and I really enjoy having them!

Betty is a wonderful person when it comes to her fans, animals, and everything she does!!

By Allison-- Dec. 2nd
Rose was an old woman
and she was dumber than most people
You couldn't find her brain
she didn't know that 1+1=2

This woman came from Saint Olaf
and her stories did to
She couldn't win the noble prize
when she was about to tell her stories, every one wanted to go away

But she was a good friend
In her work she tried to help
When she came home the cheese-cake was there
She liked to eat that

She tried to speak Norse
we know how that went
It sounded more like she tried to crow
but she had a good pronunciation

Rose, about you I wrote a poem (or something like that)
Of all the women in the house
You were the one who always made me feel better
I never lost the excitement
-Marcus, Dec. 10