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America's Sweetheart, Betty White
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This page will tell you the stats of previous polls.

The Latest Poll-- Ended 8/8/02
"What is Betty White's Natural Hair Color?"
Red- 9 votes (8%)
Blonde- 22 votes (20%)
Black- 9 votes (8%)
Reddish-Brown- 13 votes (12%)
Brunette- 31 votes (29%)
Brown- 21 votes (20%)
*Betty White's natural hair color is Brunette!!! But at one point and time, her hair color was each one of these, but remains blonde today!*
"What was Betty White's first show?"
The Pet Set- 15 votes (12%)
Life With Elizabeth- 65 votes (54%)
The Golden Girls- 13 (60%)
Mama's Family-8 (6%)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show- 19 (15%)
120 total votes
*Betty White's first show was Life With Elizabeth! Quite a good show, if you ask me!*
"Do you have some Betty White autographs?"

Yes- 20 41%
No-13 27%
I am going to write her- 15 31%
48 people total

*Looks like most of you DO INDEED have Betty White's Autograph!*
"How old do you think Betty White is?"

59 - 5 votes, 4%
69 - 21 votes, 17%
79 - 75 votes, 64%
89 - 8 votes, 6%
I don't know - 1 vote, 0%
No Comment - 0 votes, 0%
None Of Them - 7 votes, 5%

117 votes total.

*Betty White was born January 17th, 1922...Making her 79 this past January 2001.*


"Would you like Betty White as your..."

Mom? 19 votes (13%)

Grandma? 44 votes (30%)

Best Friend? 49 votes (34%)

Teacher? 3 votes (26%)

All of them? 22 votes (18%)

None of them? 5 votes (3%)

No Comment- 2 votes (16%)

*Looks like most of you would like Betty White to be your Best Friend.*