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America's Sweetheart, Betty White
The UNofficial Golden Girls Fan Convention!


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Learn more about the UNofficial get together with all kinds of Golden Girl fans accross the nation!

Have you ever wondered if there was ever going to be an convention where just THE GOLDEN GIRLS Fans would come together and talk? Well, with your help, you can make this convention come to real life, and possibly become official.

As of now, this convention is in the works, and the leaders of this group want to hear your opinions about this! Click on the link below and vote! Your vote counts! Again, this is totally in the works right now, and it's totally UNofficial, and at this point has no affilation with The Golden Girls' Actresses/Actors, or Beuna Vista Productions.

Click the banner below and learn more about this UNofficial Golden Girls Convention!!!

Questions? Email me below...


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