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Project: SUN
Parts of the Sun

The Core
The core is the center of the sun. This is the most inner-part of the sun. Hydrogen within the core is packed in so  tightly, the temperature is exteremly hot, that the indivdual atoms bump into each other. Then, these atoms from into heavier helium atoms, this then releases energy in this process. This takes thousands of years to make its way through the photosphere and eventually into outer space. The core is 15 million degrees celicus.
The Photosphere
This part of the sun, is the part that we can see. The photosphere is a few hundred miles thick. The photosphere gives off the sun's intense heat into space. The inner part of the photosphere is 2,000 degrees celicus, which is hotter than the outer region where the photosphere meets the chromosphere. The photosphere is made up of earth sized cells called "granules". These cells are always changing in size and shape, they also carry hot gas from the center of the sun (the core) to the outer surface. When the hot gas comes up, the cooler gas then goes back down to be re-heated.
This is the outer most layer of the sun. Gigantic flares and huge loops of flaming hot gas shoot into the chromosphere, extending out tens of thousands of miles above the surface. These flares shoot electrically charged particals into the solar system. When these charged particals reach the earth, they can disturb television and radio signals.